Cable routing systems

Perfect supply with a maximum of flexibility:
Floor to ceiling service poles with tension fastening

A particularly slender design and equippable from both sides: the new service pole profile. The new service pole types (left to right): ISSDHSM45, ISSDM45F ISSDM45.

ISS service poles are available in all kinds of versions for the different tasks in the office. Here, we would like to present the different types to you:

Service pole ISS70110, sheet steel
With dimensions of 70 x 110 mm and a system opening of 80 mm, the pole is perfectly equipped for normal office applications. The cover of the pole is available with a sheet steel or plastic cover. Mounting with clamping device.

Service pole ISS70T140
The twin service pole consists of two aluminium pipes that are interconnected in the bottom area. It is available in the colours pure white or fine anodised aluminium. The service pole can be equipped in the connected area with standard end devices. Additionally, a version with a mounting plate is available for the installation of lights. The service pole is fixed between floor and ceiling using a tensioning device.

Service poles ISS70110 and 140110
Both poles are made of an identical aluminium profile. With the 140110 pole type, two profiles are interconnected, meaning that they can be equipped on both sides. In both cases, there is generous installation space for standard devices.The service poles are fixed between floor and ceiling using a tensioning device.