Cable routing systems

Mounting aid for WDK cable routing trunking systems

Mounting of mini trunking

Remove the protective film. Stick the trunking to a dust-free, adherent substrate.

Cut mini trunking

The OBO shears can be used to create an exact straight cut for the WDK trunking. The shears can be used for trunking sizes of up to 25 x 45 mm.

WDK for workshops

Together with accessory mounting boxes, WDK cable trunking of 60 mm trunking height can be used as device installation trunking.

WDK with nail strip

The nail strip means that WDK trunking can be mounted with steel nails. At the same time, it prevents nail damage to the cables. Of course, the nail strip can also be used as a separating retainer for routing different voltage levels.

Mounting of cover clip

The cover clip is locked into the cover contour. To insert the cables, move it forward through 30°. The clip stabilises the WDK trunking and keeps the cables in the trunking.

Mounting internal corner hood fitting

The hood fitting is placed over the mounted WDK trunking and locks into the cover contour.

Mounting of external corner hood fitting

The bases of the WDK trunking are mounted on the wall up to the corner.

Mounting of external corner hood fitting

After the cables have been routed, the external cable hood fitting is placed on the bases.

Mounting of accessory mounting box

The accessory mounting box is locked onto the floor connectors.

Mounting of accessory mounting box

Then the accessory mounting box is fixed to the WDK trunking using the bolt located in the base.

Mounting with nail device

Mounting of the cable trunking is fast and efficient with a Spit nail device.

RK universal trunking

The universal trunking hides the cables inserted in distributors and counter cabinets.

RK clip mounting

The clips (OBO Quick Clip Pg16) are mounted using knock-in anchors on the left and right of the distributor cabinets. They are contained in the scope of delivery.

RK end piece mounting

The end pieces are fastened by locking them in the clips.

Cut RK cover

The covers are cut to the appropriate length using a standard coping saw.

RK cover mounting

Simply lock the cover in the end pieces.

RK front cover mounting

Attach the front cover to the cover clips.

RK complete mounting

The universal trunking allows tidy laying, even if a lot of cables need to be hidden.