Cable routing systems

Mounting aid SKL Skirting trunking

Cable trunking application area

The SKL skirting trunking can be used as a skirting board in housing. This allows tidy retro-installation of cables.

Use of coloured variant

The beech design means that the SKL skirting trunking can also be used with wooden floors.

Trunking mounting

The base of the SKL skirting trunking is fastened using bolts and anchors or knock-in anchors.

Mounting of cover

The sealing lip ensures optimum wall and floor connections. The cover is simply pushed onto the base.

Mounting of fitting

The fitting is attached to the cover and thus fastened. This allows the implementation of a visually attractive installation.

Mounting of device support

The device support is placed on the trunking base and fastened to the wall with four bolts.

Mounting of Schuko socket

The Schuko socket is connected and mounted on the screwless terminals located in the base of the device support.

Mounting of Modul 45 devices

The Modul 45 sockets are connected to the cable and pushed into the mounting box until a click can be heard.

Mounting of cover

The cover is run up to the mounting box base and placed on the base.

Mounting of device support cover

The cover of the device support is simply locked onto the base. The reducing elements may need to be removed, depending on the trunking height.

Installation of mounting box cover

The cover of the device support is placed on the base and fastened using the socket cover.

Installation complete

Sockets can be mounted wherever they are required.