Cable routing systems

Mounting aid for LKM cable routing trunking system

Machines application area

In the area of machines, the LKM metal cable trunking is used to provide additional protection for the cables.

Corridor, stairwell application area

The stable LKM metal cable trunking can be used anywhere, in which cables require mechanical protection.

Machine trunking mounting

Screw the LKM metal cable trunking to the machine, for example, using cylinder head bolts of type 341.

Wall trunking mounting

Knock-in anchors of type 910/SD can be used to fasten the LKM trunking directly on the wall.

Installation of internal corner

As with the LKM trunking, the fittings are mounted at the appropriate points.

Installation of joint connectors

After installing the LKM trunking, lock the joint connector into the parts to be connected from inside. This guarantees the equipotential bonding between these two parts.

Installation of partition

Insert the partition into the straps located on the floor. This guarantees equipotential bonding without any additional aids.

Installation of cable fixing holder

The cable bracket is mounted using the trunking fastening screw. The cables can be held using cable ties, type 555.

Installation of duct clamp

The duct clamp is placed on the loop perforation in the base and then locked into the cover contour. It can be placed at an offset. A partition can be installed at a later time.

Equipotential bonding

Equipotential bonding is guaranteed between the cover and the base through the special cover contour. The LKM trunking is earthed using the connection strap located in the base.

Installation of edge protection ring

Place the edge protection ring on the open ends of the LKM trunking. It prevents damage to the cables within.